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Applications are currently OPEN and will be processed on weekends. Please note that players who had an app declined must wait two weeks to resubmit an app for the same character, while players who have idled out for the first time must wait a week.

An sample application can be found here!

Application Guidelines

Player name: Your name.
Contact info: Your preferred method of contact.
Other characters currently played: Please include other Soulgemmed characters only.

Character name: Your character's full name in Western order (given name, then surname).
Age: Your character's age. If unknown, please give us a rough estimate.
Canon: Your character's canon. CRAUs and AUs must specify.
Canonpoint: A brief description of which point in their canon the character is being taken from.

Wiki links are allowed. OCs will need to go in-depth and provide a description of the world that they are from so that a greater understanding of its culture and history can be gleaned.
CRAUs must provide a bullet point list of their previous game history and explain how their characters have been affected by these new experiences.

Describe your character's personality in detail - their motivations, their worldview, their strengths and flaws. Use evidence from canon to support your points. Please try not to exceed 1500 words.

What wish does your character make to end up here? How do you want it granted? The wish is the most important part of the application. Please describe the thoughts and feelings behind the wish in as much detail as possible, as well as what led the character to making this wish and how it will be granted. Be sure to choose a wish suited to your character's personality or else you will be asked to revise. Please provide the exact wording of the wish in quotation marks. Refer to the wishes section of this entry for more information.

Passive ability & Active ability:
Which abilities would you like your character to be given on arrival? Your character gets both an active and passive ability. The nature of the abilities must relate in some way to the wish made. Please explain how your abilities relate to your wish, even if you feel that the correlation is obvious. If your abilities are meant to be versatile, please be thorough in describing the ways in which you intend to utilize said powers. Describe its limitations in depth. You will be expected to rigidly adhere to the description you give here of the power's utility.

Please look under "power breakdown" for information on this. If you're in need of ideas, try the superpower wiki!

The weapon your character gains the ability to summon. No need to go into detail. It would just be a regular weapon with no additional abilities, unless you want to dedicate a power to infusing it with magical abilities later.

Both threads and third person samples are allowed. Threads must contain at least ten comments from your character. Third person samples must contain at least two lines of character dialogue so that we can determine your grasp on your character's voice.

Application Form

Please do not edit your application after it has been submitted.
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