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Canon Update

Canon updating a character is a simple process. That character simply "goes native" for one week, after which they finally come to with all the additional knowledge that their canon update affords them.

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Character: Ryoko Asakura
Canon: The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan (manga)
Player: Chase
New Canonpoint: Chapter 78
What's Changed?: At the end of Volume 9, Chapter 70.5, Ryoko made the decision to go to Canada to study abroad after celebrating Mikuru and Tsuruya's graduation, heading into her third year of high school.

It's revealed shortly that prior to Christmas the previous year, Ryoko was presented that choice as an option by her mother as an option for after she graduates. Her worry at the time was that she couldn't just leave Yuki by herself, that she had to be there to continue to watch over her and cook for her. But as time progressed, Yuki started dating Kyon and started to learn how to cook. In essence, any reason she had to remain there was gone.

Still, she continued to stress out about the decision. It wasn't so much of course that she was worried about Yuki, it was more for her own self-being. The fact that her normal everyday life was only truly at peace with Yuki around. As she discussed it with Haruhi, she realized that that normality couldn't last. She had to pass that peaceful normal feeling off to Kyon-- and thus, she made the decision to go. The only problem with this of course is that she didn't once bring this up to Yuki: a decision she hid so she could shoulder the worry on her own.

Yuki at first isn't happy about the fact that Ryoko didn't tell her once, but eventually the two speak about the decision, with Yuki able to confirm the one fact that had been worrying Ryoko-- both in canon and in Nyoi-cho. Yuki will miss her.

From that point, the rest of the school year progressed. Time went on, and eventually, the Literature Club graduated and the club room was empty. All that was left was Ryoko's goodbye. The group saw Ryoko off at the airport, and with a smile on her face, she left and headed off to study abroad away from Yuki.


The main development in this comes from that level of uncertainty that Ryoko had when she made her wish. A main point made was that Kyon was there, so she was no longer needed-- at least, in her own mind. She really didn't need to be around protecting Yuki anymore, but she didn't know if she truly wanted to give up that 'normal' just yet.

As the year went on, both Ryoko and Yuki had come to terms with Ryoko leaving. It was sad, but she was able to make sure that Yuki was in capable hands, and moreso that she'd be missed. That level of uncertainty weighing Ryoko's heart down has been lifted, and she's able to look forward to what comes next in Canada. While she'll be sad that she can't exactly keep up with Yuki from Nyoi-cho and she'll be having to forgo Canada after all, she'll be less burdened by her decision. It wasn't a wish she had to make, but at least as a result, she'll know that they're still safe and sound without her.