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A two strike system is in place to protect the playerbase. This applies to the following: infomodding, godmodding, and disregard for the regulations and restrictions put in place on the game setting.

What it does not apply to is the following: harassment, abuse, bullying, stalking, ship pushing, and general player-on-player aggression. All of these are subject to a zero-tolerance policy. There are two sides to every story so we will speak to all parties to get the full understanding of the situation, but the severity of these actions will not be taken lightly.

If we are approached with concerns about a player's previous game behavior, they will not be forgotten or dismissed. Depending on the severity, the player may receive a pre-emptive warning, strike, or even ban. We will not tolerate players being made to feel uncomfortable in an environment that should be for fun.

The IC/OOC divide has to be firmly kept in place. If a player is blurring the line and it is causing problems, please contact the mods ASAP. As this is another animal entirely and combines both of the above, it will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Please take any situation or sign of the above to the moderators of this game.

In addition to this, there is a penalty against idling out. The first time a player idles they must wait a week before reapplying. The second time, the player must wait a week and the character will lose all points they accumulated during their time in the game. If there is a good reason that prevented the player from filling out AC we ask players contact us immediately so an accommodation can be made.

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