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World Information

The Wish

A character's wish is by far and above the most important part of the app. The character is essentially selling their soul for a shot of happiness. Making the wish results in two things: your soul being pulled from your body and turned into a soul gem that reflects it, and you being brought to this world.

The wording of the wish is incredibly important, and the wish itself dictates how a character's powers will manifest. The wish maker's mental state and intentions will also heavily influence what shape their wish takes, and thus how it affects the power set they receive.

For example, "I wish everyone was safe!" would be a passive wish, and thus a character would most likely be granted some sort of healing magic, defensive magic, or magic boosting abilities.

"I wish to save everyone!" would be an active wish, on the other hand, and would result with powers geared more heavily towards combat.

Wishes can also have selfish and selfless connotations, which can also affect the way their magic manifests. A selfish wish does not mean that it is a wish born out of spite or jealousy, it is simply a wish focused on the person and what they can do. A selfless wish is a wish for another person, focusing on them and their abilities.

We ask that you choose your character's wish carefully; describe the thoughts and feelings behind it in as much detail as you can. We would also like to see how this wish was granted, so please go into detail about the ramifications of their wish.


Magi are beings who have formed a contract with Kyuubey: in exchange for a wish come true, they gain access to magical abilities. It is the duty of every magi to fight against Witches and Nightmares.

Magi have a soul gem that they should keep close by at all times. When characters first arrive, the soul gem will appear in the form of a jewel found somewhere on the character's person. It can, however, be removed and turned into a piece of jewelry or other ornament at will. When the soul gem is inactive, it can be turned into a ring upon which strange runes can be found. No matter what form the soul gem is in, however, it seems that the magi will always have a mark on their ring finger that is the same color as their soul gem; this makes telling magi apart from non-magi a relatively simple process.

The soul gem is what triggers the magi's transformation process. When transformed, magi are invisible to non-magical beings.

As the source of a magi's powers, the soul gem must be cleansed of impurities regularly. This is what makes combat with Nightmares and Witches a necessity - each victory over them purifies a soul gem.

Magic & Spells

There are two types of magic: household magic and combat magic.

Combat magic will be gained primarily through events. This includes things like teleportation, healing, shields, pyrokinesis, advanced telekinesis, super strength, transformation and mental manipulation.

Household magic can be learned by a character at their leisure, so long as they dedicate time and practice to the craft. This includes things like basic levitation, self-styling hair, self-cooking food, magical outfit changes and some very basic defensive runes for the home.

Nightmares & Nightmarescapes

A Nightmare is different from a Witch. While both are brought on by stress and unhappiness, transformation into a Nightmare is reversible. It can happen to both magi and humans - it will be the primary day to day problem that the magi in the city must deal with. A Nightmare is the physical manifestation of someone's deepest inner doubts, the very embodiment of how they view themselves at their core. A nightmarescape is the Nightmare's domain and it is filled with abstract thoughts and feelings made physical - no two nightmarescapes are the same.

New Nightmares are rather harmless and can even be considered fun for magi to encounter. The magi are in very little danger, although being too careless can result in serious harm.

Old Nightmares are different. The longer a Nightmare has existed, the more physicality it has. The more pain it has inflicted upon its dreamer and everyone around them, the more power it holds over anyone who enters into it. An extremely powerful Nightmare can even feed on the doubt and fear of any magi who enter the nightmarescape.

Nightmares are confined to their nightmarescapes and cannot leave them. In order to ensnare victims, they rely on familiars.

Witches & Labyrinths

A Witch is rumored to be magic gone wrong. They are more powerful and more lethal than a Nightmare ever could be, with a fierce labyrinth in place of a nightmarescape and much deadlier intentions. As of June, it has been confirmed that Witches can manifest within Nyoi-cho if a magi's Nightmare is not purified. There is no reverting a Witch back into a magi; death is the only cure. It's said that they ensnare the lonely and the forgotten with promises of something better, and they feed upon the misery that the hope of these promises bring.

A Witch may bestow a small curse called a "Kiss" upon someone whose heart is troubled. The Kiss appears somewhere on the victim's person as a red mark bearing the insignia of the Witch. The Kiss slowly drains all the hope out of the victim's heart, making them a slave for the Witch's will.

When a Witch is defeated, it drops something known as a "grief seed" that can be used to purify a single magi's soul gem of corruption. It must be disposed of properly after use, however, or it will hatch into another Witch.


When a character arrives, they are given access to a unique house that reacts to their gem and reflects their mental state. Said house is highly customizable and reacts according to the user's desires - it can rearrange its furniture and floor plan with ease and even recreate scenes and people from that character's memories.

However, the house is not without limitations. The outside appearance of the house and its surrounding yard or garden cannot be altered in any way. Any living being created by the house will only be a hollow mimicry of the real deal. Furthermore, nothing created by the house can be taken outside of the house. Naturally, anything created by the house that's meant to interact with the outside world is also subject to limitations: for example, characters may imagine a fantastical program that lets them communicate with others using realistic life-sized holograms, but they would not be able to actually use such a program. There is only one exception to these limitations.

When the user of the house transforms into a Nightmare or a Witch, the house turns into a Nightmarescape or a Labyrinth to reflect this, and its outward appearance will change accordingly. Familiars of the Nightmare or Witch are free to leave the house so that they can lure victims inside.

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