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Mod Contact & Player Concerns

Contact Information

Game Plurk

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Main Mods

Bee - [ profile] minuluffs

Player Concerns

Plurks are listed for reference, but we highly encourage players to PM the mod account or comment to this post with player concerns, plot proposals, and anything else that requires mod input or action. Do not use plurk as a way of communicating with us unless it is an emergency. Note that in the event that an emergency arises and you need to speak to all of the mods immediately, we may create a private plurk for you and all the mods so that the entire mod team can see what is being said as it's being said and reply to your concerns at the same time.

Please note that for major issues, all mods will need to discuss the problem as a team. As a result, replies may be delayed, but that does not mean we are not taking the concern seriously.

All comments are screened and can be unscreened upon request.

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(Anonymous) 2015-12-20 10:32 am (UTC)(link)
hello mods! not sure if you guys were aware, but ATP just went up. i'd love to suggest the game to some people who put up character ads, but the timing seems a little poor since apps are due to close so soon. would you guys be interested in extending the app period at all? not only is there ATP to consider, but the game won't be opening for a while. it could be better to have a longer window for people to apply with that in mind. thanks in advance.
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