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The Wish

It started with a wish - at some point in your life, you became discontent with your circumstances. Perhaps you lacked money. Perhaps you lacked power. Perhaps you lacked connections. Whatever the case, you reached out for help.

From that moment forth, everything changed.

You were ripped from your world, and in the space between worlds a being introducing itself as "Kyuubey" told you of its conditions: your wish would surely come true, but in exchange, you would be forced to leave your old world behind.

There is a world where terrible beings roam. They feast on the negative emotions and insecurities of humans, and they have destroyed countless lives. Such a world is in desperate need of heroes, and that's where you come in. In exchange for your wish, you will be given power. You will become a defender of another world, and you will have to place your life on the line for humanity's sake.

As Kyuubey's explanation draws on, you feel yourself losing consciousness.

Welcome to Nyoi-cho.

When you come to, you find yourself in a quaint little town with cobbled roads and one-story buildings. The distant sounds of children's laughter and friends' chattering can be heard.

If you search your body, you will find a gemstone set in a piece of jewelry: the source of the power that Kyuubey mentioned.

Welcome to Nyoi-cho. Welcome to your new life as a magi.

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