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Discord Server

Discord is a fantastic little chat program. It's a mixture of AIM, Slack, Skype, and IRC! As a throwback to the AIM chats of old, Soulgemmed has adopted it as a chatroom. Members and prospective applicants are welcome to join! Here is an invite link!

This entry is a crash-course in using discord.

The chat setup looks like this. Each channel is a different chatroom. For example, appchat is for players discussing characters they want to app or seeking help with their applications, whereas "chatter" is a general chat where players can discuss anything from fandoms to toe lint.

The rules for the chat are as follows:

Be good to each other! This chat is for fun and we want to ensure it stays fun. If anything happens that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsettled, please let the mods know!

No spamming, please! Do not post NSFW content in the channels. Discord automatically shows all pictures and we have players who use the server while at work.

Be equally mindful of posting spoilers! If there is enough drive to talk about certain fandoms, we may make a channel specifically for discussing those things.

In that line, please try to keep conversations to their respective channels! Chatter is a catch all for talking, plotchat is for serious plotting, eventchat is for discussing the event.

NOTE: Chat is not the best place to ask the mods questions. Even @ing one of the mods is not a guarantee that we'll see the question in a timely manner! Please continue to PM us on the mod journal or ask questions on the FAQ!

Now for basic setup, click on the gear icon by the chat box to change your user icon. Right click on your name in the channel list to change your display name.

We're using the "roles" in Discord to list people's characters! It looks like this. Once in the chat, you can either directly message a mod or use the @ command to notify us that you're in - please list your characters and the color you'd like to have!

You'll also want to use the command `pmmentions on to turn on a function that will PM you when someone pings you in chat.

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