August Event Details

Aug. 10th, 2017 09:35 pm
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August Event Details

As of late the days have continued as normal, allowing the magi to maintain their lives without turmoil. It would be a warm respite from the hell they have survived, yet on the night of the 10th, things begin to cha n g  e.

Opening Gates

Something in the air feels different, and when you try to focus on your surroundings, it persists. A waver in the sky, akin to a glitch among the clouds, and the glimpse of something beyond. It's subtle, as if the sky is giving way as a facade, but you are unable to place just what may be happening.

This feeling spreads with each passing day, and it soon becomes apparent that something is definitely happening. Not just the sky, but the entire town seems to fizzle and twitch, from sight to sound and even touch. The cool water of the lake may burn, then turn frigid without any indication, or the flora appears to drop its leaves only to sprout them in full bloom.

The mirrors falter as well, fizzling in and out of life to show the figure from before, now prostrated on the ground with its hands clasped above its head. Any broadcasts from this figure are brief, and it never seems to acknowledge any responses.

All it does is weep.


As if that weren't concerning enough, right as the day turns over to the 15th, the magi will receive a new notification on Sinewave, from a user named d3korayshon.

hey hey, arent you board? it's gotten so quiet! where'd every1 go?
i might know >3<

we're gonna play another game anyway, k?
well... i already played, and i one! it's your turns now!

soooo her name is pachiri-chan! (○□○)
she really, reaaaaaaally wants to catch someone
pachiri-chan thinks shes meccha sneaky, all thief like, but she's meccha bad at it!
i triiiiiied to tell her. she didnt listen. (´ω`★)
she likes that, uh.... red light, blue lite game. or whatever it is
if you turn around and look @ her she stops (゚Д゚;)
amp if you catch her moving, she has to start all over!
otherwise she can keep (○□○) sneak sneak sneaking (○□○) up on you

I'm warning you now: You don't want to be caught by her.

have fun!!!

From there, the games are set to begin...

In Summation...

» Starting on the 10th, the entire town begins to slip, behaving in ways no normal town should.
» The mysterious figure returns on the mirrors.
» All magi receive an invitation to play another game, with Pachiri-chan. Instructions are vague, but one thing is made clear...
» Do not let Pachiri-chan catch you.
If you have any further questions about this event, please leave them here.

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