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Nyoi-Cho is a small town filled with row after row of tightly-packed tiny houses for magi. The houses of magi are magical and react to the gem of their owner. These mysterious houses seem to spring up overnight in response to new magi entering the town. For more information on them, please look under "Housing."

The School: A school that magi can attend. The school is clearly the oldest standing building in the town. While most of its facilities have been renovated and look as good as new, some of the unused classrooms have fallen into disrepair.

The Library: A small library filled with books on a vast array of subjects. Interestingly, no information on witches, magi, nightmares, or anything else of that nature can be found. There are also no books that contain any information on the history of this town. Mysteriously, the library seems to bring in books from other worlds on occasion. Perhaps your character might even find a book from home sitting somewhere on a shelf.

The Beach: A beautiful white-sand beach with clear waters. It lies just outside of town and is a popular relaxation spot.

The Park: A large park with a lake at its center. Rental boats are available in the daytime. The park is often where festivals are held.

Other locations include a hospital, a grocery store, a general store, and a boutique for clothing. There are a number of smaller specialty shops geared towards items such as candy and meats, as well as a few small restaurants. There is enough empty space to permit characters to open up shops should they gain the means to do so.

Neighboring towns: Tsukudo-cho lies to the west and Noroi-cho lies to the north. Both towns can be reached by train. Tsukudo-cho is said to be home to a beautiful ski resort, which makes it a popular vacation spot in the winter. Little is known about Noroi-cho.

As more and more magi enter the town, Nyoi-cho itself begins to expand and evolve to meet the needs of its newest residents. If you would like to submit a player location, please fill out the form below.

With the exception of event-related alterations, all locations cost points. The amount of points depends on the nature of the location requested.

If the location being requested is in high demand (for example, if the location requested is an armory where magi can stock up on weapons), players can split the high cost required amongst themselves.

If the alteration is being manually done by the character(s), no points are needed. For example, if a character spent weeks hand-building a tiny food stall and added it to the park, then the player need only provide the mods with links to the threads involving the construction of said stall.

Player-Added Locations

Bulletin Board: added here. It has been retrofitted with a wooden roof and sliding glass panels that help protect its contents from the elements. Stands in the middle of the magi district. While it was built with the purpose of facilitating the exchange of information in a place where any new arrivals could easily see it and contribute to it, its actual contents may have drifted from that original purpose. For an overview of what the contents of the bulletin board are likely to contain, see this tag.

Apartment: added here. A one storey building with a basic apartment's floorplan: A single door leading to a main living room (10' x 13', or about 3m x 4m), connected to three other rooms (each 7' x 10', or 2.13m x 3.05m). Each room has one window, glass-paned but without curtains. No furniture or fittings are included. The interior and exterior walls have been painted, however, and wood flooring has been added in. Each room has a basic ceiling light. There are five wing-like markings adorning the area that surrounds the door handles of this building; the markings are grey, purple, blue, purple, and pink respectively.

Weapon Shop: added here. Near the specialty shops, a weapon shop appears! A one story building, about 24' x 31' in size with a sword and shield on the storefront, it's decorated on the inside with various shields and assorted hand weapons-- axes, swords, firearms, daggers, et cetera. Behind the store's counter is a door leading to a back room and a glass pane with an excitedly written "Legendary Weapon" sign on it, that features a flashy looking sword. None of the decorative weapons are able to be taken down or held: they appear to simply be decorations. Yes, including the Legendary Weapon.

The general motif on the inside comes across as that of a fantasy shop, that clashes with the young lady that runs it. She like the other NPCs, won't respond to gems or magi that are transformed and she won't move from behind the counter, only really leaving to pop into the back room for seconds at a time to collect a weapon. As the shop operates using points acquired through activity (which aren't an IC mechanic), she won't accept money and will only allude towards patrons being 'qualified or unqualified' to take a weapon with them. Any attempts to go behind the counter will result in an immediate ejection from the premises. Attempts to steal a weapon, even while transformed, will result in the magi being barred from the store for the month.

Note: To buy a weapon from this shop, please leave a comment here, noting that you are buying a generic weapon from this shop rather than trying to regain a weapon from your character's canon. The shop can only be used once a month, and a magi would only be allowed to 'purchase' one weapon.

Chocolate Shop: Around the specialty shops is a small chocolate shop, Splendor Love. The building is around 20' x 25', and is separated into two sections, a store front and a kitchen area. The store front is roughly 20' x 15', and it includes a counter with a glass display case, a few shelving units for displaying product, and a few small tables just large enough for 2 to sit at, with accompanying chairs. The interior is decadent to the point of gaudiness; large chandeliers provide the lighting, there's a plush red rug in front of the counter, and the tables and chairs seem more fitted for a castle than a chocolate shop. Even the exterior of the shop is reminiscent of a medieval castle, with an arching doorway that has bat wing handles on it, a luxurious sign above spelling out the shop's name, and... a tanuki statue. The kitchen area is comparatively simple, and comes with the basic equipment one would expect of a chocolate shop; a stove, an oven, mixing bowls and tools, etc. None of these are magical in nature.

The "Inu-Cho Dog Cafe": a 6m by 5m sized room in the shopping district. In the main room there are 5 tables each having 2-4 chairs around it. The tables are around the perimeter of the room, leaving an empty central area for 5 small-sized dogs to roam freely. There's also a cashier counter, behind which is a smaller kitchen (3x2m) area for cafe food preparation. Furniture and decor is in roughly this style. There are three wing-like markings adorning the area that surrounds the door handles of this building; the markings are grey, blue and green respectively.

This cafe charges a small entrance fee; additional charges apply if visitors order food, of which the cafe serves mostly cakes and drinks. It will NPC-owned, but provide job positions too (i.e. magi have the option to work there, but if no one does the cafe will by default be NPC-staffed.)

Oden Stand: A mobile looking oden stand, stationed around where the restaurants would be. The stand itself would be a bit smaller than a usual food stand, with room for about four people at a time to take a seat and have a meal on the bench. It would come with functioning boilers as well as oddly enough restocked supply of ingredients. No booze for the adults.

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